Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This is going to be the entry on this blog for awhile. Honestly, I'm tired of taking pictures. I almost always have my camera on me, and I usually just snap pics as I'm moving from point A to point B... even if there is little to no reason to. I always have to be doing more than one thing at once, so therefore taking pictures became that other thing when there was nothing else to do. My picture taking has also seriously, seriously (did i mention seriously) annoyed all of my best friends and my family. I'll admit I have taken bad pictures of them in the past... so that combined with me always taken pictures has made them hate seeing my camera. In order to break this habit, I've decided to set the camera aside, and enjoy things without for awhile.

My decision is also a simple game a mathematics. Every time I take out my camera, I tend to just snap away... and away. Sometimes I take pictures that have absolutely no rhyme or reason to them... like last night, for example, I was out celebrating my friend's birthday and taking random pictures... but as I was going through them during the course of the night I realized I took many pictures that I didn't need to take... so i deleted them. I took maybe 40+ pictures, but by the end of the night and my BART ride home, I saved 18... and of those 18... only 5 were good. So you get the idea. I've had my current camera for a little over 3 months, and I have taken 2,508 pictures. I haven't saved all of them, but still I have taken THAT many pictures so far. Additionally, the picture folder on my computer has 63 sub-folders of my pictures. And in each one of those sub-folders, I have between 50 and 200 pictures... so yeah do the math. Plus I have discs with older pictures as well... so I mean that is A LOT of pictures. Over the past few months, I have been going through these folders trying to go through these folders to delete pictures and it feels like it is taking forEVER. As I have been going through these photos, I've realized that I don't remember taking half of them. Seriously, some of these pictures are so random I have no idea why i saved them. I've kind of annoyed myself because of this. I've have asked myself... what the fuck was I thinking so many times it is ridiculous.

So because of all of this I don't really have a desire to take pictures right now. Don't get it twisted, I will always have my camera on me because you never know when you will need it, but as for taking pictures like I have been... i will save that for special occasions (and even then I will probably take fewer pictures) and when I am actually ASKED to take them. I'm tired of seeing things through a view-finder... so i'm going to try seeing things without it for a while.

Now for some pictures... here are the 4/5 good ones from last night. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friends... how many of us have them?

This is turning into a great summer. The weather has been amazing... there is a lot of great music... oh and Monica ( & Brian are here for a few weeks.

The essence of Monica:

There will be a lot of laughter... food... exploring SF... and digging. Maybe it will help Dom to continue updating his blog:

This was i think 4 hours after they got into town... yes, it is THAT important.

Now for some records:

YES! That Larry Williams! I bought this one based on the cover alone. I want a Rolls Royce that can run with champaigne in the engine.

I always loved Coltrane's covers...

Now some records I considered purchasing based on the covers... but didn't:

Rappity-rap-rap... You can't get more rap than being the MC's of Rap and recording on Rap Records

Mr. Hunte looks really happy that somebody lied.

Shampoo commercial meets the Best Hits... somehow it works:

I just thought this was a great cover... thats all

This was impressive and I don't even drink...

For real... for real... i will never ever ever be able to cook as well as Mariam (, but I can take some great pictures of plated food:

This cheesecake was amazingly delicious... but it didn't compare to Reuschelle's Cheesecakes (and if he had a real blog or website it would go here)... it came close tho.

We got the jazz... we got the jazz

Same picture... different days. This is view is one of the bigger pros:

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I sip fine wine and spit vintage flows...

What? Y'all didn't know? Cause you can't knock the hustle.

Finding "Reasonable Doubt" on vinyl made my weekend. What can I say? It is the little things that matter.
A little something extra: